Board of Directors

Dale Spencer - President /Executive Director

Karen Suess - Vice President /Hospitality Director

Brian Grant - Secretary

Misty Trevino -Treasurer

Jackie Czerepinski - Artistic Director

Anna Reed-Spencer - Business Director

Eric Suess - Communication Director

General Directors: 

Diana Potter

Brandon Stanger

Tanner Morton

Jaclyn Brown-Lester

About Westside
Established in 1986, and located at 1009 S. 2nd Ave in Pocatello, Idaho, Westside Players, Inc. is a  501c3 non-profit community theatre company dedicated to offering an outlet for local talent and quality entertainment.  Westside Players is an all volunteer organization which means everyone involved from ushers, front desk, and house staff, to the actors, directors, technicians, and board of directors is a volunteer. As volunteers they give many hours of un-paid dedication and hard work to bring you some of Southeast Idaho's best theatre. 

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Randy Dixon  Board president 1986-1995
     Randy was born in Logan, UT and has lived in Pocatello since 1954. In 1983 he founded the Chief Foundations with the goal of seeing the Chief Theatre restored and the doors re-opened to the public as a performing arts center. The latter goal was achieved on August 3rd, 1988 when Westside Players performed "The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch" as a fundraiser for the Chief. From 1983 through January of 1986 he became involved with Theatre on the Road, a local dinner theatre group. In April of 1986 Randy and the other founders formed Westside Players in Randy and Cathy's backyard on the west side of Pocatello. 

Cathy Litteneker
     ​Cathy was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Idaho Falls. She participated in theatre at Idaho Falls High and Westminster College. She moved to Pocatello in 1977 to finish her education degree. She was the first business manager and board treasurer. Cathy retired from the board in 1995 but remains a steadfast patron of Westside. 

Bruce Hendricks
     Bruce was pulled into theatre in Pocatello by Randy Dixon via Theatre on the Road. When that company ended Bruce and the other founders decided to bring dinner theatre back to Pocatello in the form of Westside Players. With little cash and a lot of sweat they accomplished the task. Bruce left Westside in 1988 to focus his efforts on his new business. 

​Richard Schlehuber
     Richard is a Pocatello native who's first theatre experience was as a sophomore in high school. He took a break from theatre for a few years to serve in the Navy and work as a railroad engineer. In 1982 he returned to theatre through acting classes at ISU where he re-connected with an old friend. Together they formed Theatre on the Road and cast Randy Dixon in an early production. When Theatre on the Road was dissolved in 1986, Richard, Randy, Cathy, and Bruce formed Westside Players. Richard continues to appear on the Westside stage occasionally. 

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