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Board of Directors

Travis W. Hopkins - President

     Travis has done community theater for nearly 30 years. He has been a part of Westside for the past 18 years and done over 35 shows with them. He is honored to be serving as President of the board of directors. 

Dale Spencer - Co-Vice President
     Dale moved to Pocatello in 2003 to work at the INL and is a past president of the Board of Directors serving from 2012 to 2015.

Eric Suess - Co-Vice President

    Eric was raised in Indiana and spent his youth in the Midwest. He has been involved in community theatre for almost 30 years. Eric is Director of the Marshall Public Library and contributing member of the National Puzzlers League.

Brian Grant - Secretary to the board

     Brian grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa and moved to Idaho Falls in 1990 after his Navy service. Brian joined the board of directors in 1994 and has served as secretary to the board since 1996. Brian is our most traveled member, making the round trip from Idaho Falls at least once a month for board meetings as well as several times to house manage during shows.

Jerry Higgins - Treasurer
     Jerry Higgins recently retired from the city of Pocatello. He has been an avid supporter of Westside as well as a welcome addition to its stage for many years.

Mollie Curran

     Mollie was born in Pocatello but has lived in Hawaii, Connecticut, and Maine. Mollie has worked with local accounting firm Jordan & Company since 1994. Her many years of business and office experience serves her well in her position as Westside Treasurer.

Diana Potter
     Diana was bon in Wakeeney, KS and raised mostly in Idaho. She has an M.A. in Theatre from Idaho State University, and has taught appreciation of drama, beginning acting, and makeup. Diana has been on the board for more than 22 years and has served as secretary and worked on many committees. 

Jackie Czerepinski

     Jackie is a Pocatello native, Senior Lecturer in ISU's department of Communications, Media and Persuasion, and holds a PhD in theatre. Jackie costumes not only the actors for most Westside Productions but also dresses the sets. She also curates Westside's costume and props collections with organizational flair.

Anna Reed-Spencer

​     Anna has recently returned to Pocatello after working at Signature Theatre in Virgina. We are pleased to welcome her to our Board. 

Karen Suess

     Is a recent addition to the board of directors. 

Shelley Canalia

     Is a groovy chick who has joined our board of directors. 

Misty Trevino

     Misty was born in Boise and raised in North Idaho. At Idaho State University she has the opportunity to learn about the theatre and found her passion. She prefers the backstage and administrative responsibilities to be being on stage. Misty has a M.A. in Theatre management from Idaho State University.

Gabrielle Joan Kane

     Gabrielle was raised in Idaho Falls, ID but left to pursue her B.A. in fine and performing arts at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska. Gabrielle returned to Idaho and has been a welcome addition to Westside. She recently recieved her M.A. in Theatre from ISU. 

Lucy Barbato

    Lucy is a well known face at Westside as our long time cocktail waitress and raffle drawer. After many years of hard work we felt Lucy deserved a promotion and welcomed her to the board of directors in 2016.

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