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at The Warehouse

1009 S. 2nd Ave ~ Pocatello, ID 83201  ~  (208) 234-2654

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What would YOU like to see on the Warehouse stage?
Westside Players’ selection process has changed! 
We’re a community theatre and we very much want to involve more members of the Southeast Idaho community in what we do. You’ll find two links below for submitting titles you’d like to see. One is designed for theatregoers or actors who have a favorite script to suggest. The other is a Production Proposal for directors who’d like to work in our space. We produce six shows, one every other month beginning in January, that run for three weekends each.

When submitting please keep in mind that our stage is charmingly eccentric and fairly small, our ceiling is low, and we’re an all-volunteer dinner theatre. This means that some creativity may need to be employed in order to fit a two story set or large cast onto our stage, but we are a theatre and are game for tackling most projects!

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To suggest a show: CLICK HERE